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May 22, 2017

Stay at Home Mom Summer Sanity (+ free printables)

Ah summer. I have such a conflicting relationship with you. On one hand I seriously love having my girl home for three months. On the other, she’s home for three months. That’s three months of attempting to entertain her without breaking the bank (or losing my mind). Adding a newborn to the mix had me fairly anxious as the last days of Mother’s Day Out dwindled down. I knew I’d need some kind of game plan, but I was also worried about setting myself up for failure. Hi, my name is Blake and I’m a recovering perfectionist. 

Then I realized, this summer is what I make it. I decided to go ahead and make a plan and just heap grace upon grace. I figure having a plan and not sticking to it is way better than it being a random Tuesday with nothing to do and sitting around the house losing our minds, ya know? So this is what I came up with. Each day of the week has an “activity”, and each week has a theme. These are the times that Pinterest actually comes in handy.

Make Something Monday: P’s teachers were always telling me how craft time was her favorite time of the day, so I thought this would be fun to incorporate. We’ll probably have a lot of morning play dates this summer, so I’m planning on this being what gets us from nap wake up to daddy’s arrival.

Time to Read Tuesday: We are guilty of hugely under-utilizing our local library, but we’re hoping to change that this summer. I’ve compiled a list of theme related books for every week, and the plan is to head to the library on Tuesday mornings and check out the ones we can find. Then we’ll have them for the rest of the week to read along with our theme!

Water Wednesday: P wasn’t a huge fan of splash pads last summer, which was a major bummer. But we’ve gone to a few already this spring (thank you, Louisiana), and she loves them. I went ahead and chose a park for each week to take out even more guess work.

Lazy Thursday: I knew I wanted to build in a day to intentionally stay home, and Thursday seemed as good a day as any. I’ve still planned a few theme friendly activities for these days just for fun, but no pressure.

Field Trip Friday: This is ambitious, I know. I’m not trying to act like they’ll all happen. Not all of the “field trips” are theme related (because I couldn’t come up with places to go for the Earth week, and don’t feel like driving to NOLA for Butterfly week, haha)

So this is our game plan. Below you’ll find links to download both the filled in calendar, and a blank one for you to fill in yourself. I figure if there’s enough interest, I’ll write another couple of posts detailing out each themes components, but people may be more interested in doing it themselves. I’m excited. Happy Summer!


 June Calendar

June Blank Calendar

July Calendar

July Blank Calendar

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