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November 10, 2017

A Few of Our Favorite Things Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for Christmas shopping, y’all. Raise your hand if you do all of your shopping from the comfort of your couch. Whether you brave the crowds or cozy up and knock it out at home, I’ve got some goods for you. Here’s the thing – this time of year, your feed is probably flooded with bloggers posting their gift guides, right? I know mine is. I’ll be honest, there aren’t many “trends” I hop on in the blogging world (or the real world, #rebel), but this one is worth it. Buying gifts is hard. Buying gifts that don’t suck is even harder. So, I’m super proud and excited to give you some help in that department.

Here’s what makes this gift guide a little bit different than most: I can personally vouch for the whole thing. I own or have owned every item on the for her guide, I’ve bought my husband almost every item off the for him guide, and outside of a couple of toys, my toddler has been gifted every item off the kids list. You ready?

P.S. Be sure and make it all the way to the bottom of this post to enter the Few of Our Favorite Things Giveaway with Cold Coffee Hot Mess & be sure to click through to check out their gift guides!


  1. Promptly Journal – Chronicle your babies’ lives with the sweetest baby book ever made.
  2. Beautycounter Poppy Lip Duo – What’s better than a gorgeous red lip? A non-toxic gorgeous red lip.
  3. Massage Gift Card – I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t desperately want her husband / boyfriend / significant other to send her off to get a massage. This one is a no brainer.
  4. Chunky Knit Sweater – I’ve also never met a woman who doesn’t love a good ole comfy cardigan to snuggle up in.
  5. You Are Loved Necklace – Dainty and meaningful, this necklace is one of my personal favorites.
  6. Elisabeth Ashlie Curated Box – I just recently discovered Elisabeth Ashlie, and I’m pretty much addicted to her website. These boxes come with a scarf, mug, set of earrings, and the most amazing smelling candle. It’s basically fall in a box.
  7. Rifle Paper Planner – Everyone loves pretty paper products, right? Bonus points for this being super practical as well.
  8. Be Mixed Variety Pack – For the health conscious lady in your life that also likes to get her drink on (guilty), these super yum mixers are sugar, calorie, preservatives, & gluten free.
  9. Val Marie Paper Prayer Journal – A personal favorite of mine, Val some how made the daunting task keeping up with prayer easy. Separated by topics, this is one of my most treasured possessions.
  10. Bertie Bottle Stopper – These are just downright pretty and practical. Win.
  11. Laura Taylor Leopard Wine Glasses – Hooray for locals! Laura is a very talented artist, and these wine glasses are proof. (Also, noticing a real trend of the bar variety on this gift guide.)

  1. Carhartt Flannel – If the man in your life appreciates a good flannel (I hope he does, because *swoon*), Carhartt is the favorite in the Guichet house. Seriously, I think he owns upwards of 15.
  2. Scentbird Subscription – Okay, how cool is this? It’s a monthly cologne subscription that allows your man to try as many scents as his good smelling heart desires.
  3. The Godfather 3 Movie Collection – Who doesn’t love a good Godfather binge session? Me. I don’t. But, you’ll earn some serious cool wife points with this gift.
  4. JBL Waterproof Portable Speaker – The fact that this speaker is waterproof is the real winner here, it won’t matter what it gets dropped in or drug through, the good tunes will survive.
  5. Pintado Whiskey Glasses – A good whiskey deserves a classic glass to go in, am I right?
  6. Bearpaw Men’s Moccasins – Okay look, your husband / father / etc aren’t going to come out and ask for slipper for Christmas. But let me tell you – they’re going to be super pumped when they open them. Speaking from experience here.
  7. Shave Set – This is one of huz’s favorite things. It keeps all his shaving essentials together, organized, and easily accessible, all while looking nice on his vanity. Throw in an after shave gel (we like this one) and that’s a pretty awesome gift!
  8. Fitbit Charge 2 – Hands down my husband’s favorite thing I’ve ever bought him, he loves nerding out over his number of steps per day (Added bonus: the Charge 2 puts his text messages right there on his wrist. Yay for prompt responses!)
  9. Bulleit Burbon – If you’re going to buy him whiskey glasses, you may as well get him something to go in it, right? This is the Guichet favorite.

We follow the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” gift format for our kids, and it’s worked out really well so far! So I went ahead and gave you some gift ideas for each category, just in case you want to jump in on this (super easy) Christmas tradition.


  1. Play Teepee – We just recently put one of these in our big girl’s room and she loves it. It’s perfect for reading (and hiding).
  2. Art Tool Box – Does anyone else’s kid ask to color all. day. long? Just mine? Well, this “toolbox” of art supplies is perfect for your little budding artist.
  3. Hippo Pull Toy – I’m just a sucker for aesthetically pleasing children’s toys.
  4. Plush Rocker – Okay, a little on the higher end as far as this gift guide’s price points go, but – rockers are timeless, y’all! My child plays on the same one her father played on as a kid.


5. Crib Sheet – I don’t know about you, but my kids go through some sheets. We’ve found it necessary to buy quality ones so they don’t wear out from all the washing, and love these!
6. Rain Boots – If they’re going to stomp in puddles (and they are), they may as well look cute doing it.
7. Radio Flyer Wagon – This thing comes in clutch so often, I knew I had to include it. Halloween, trips to the park, tailgating, family walks around the neighborhood, our wagon has basically paid for itself.
8. Love You Night Light – I love this sweet night light, it’s small and subtle, but provides a cute touch to your baby’s room.


  1. Christmas Jammies – One of our family traditions is to open up our Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve, and yes – it often counts as a present. I don’t know about you, but I buy our kids’ from Carters because…they’re cheap and they’re going to get worn tops 5 times.
  2. Emily + Merrit Backpack – I love these backpacks. They come in a size small enough for your toddler to carry it themselves, and they’re so stinking cute!
  3. Dress shoes for herdress shoes for him – I also like to buy some “church shoes” for our kids to wear to church for Christmas (& for as long as they’ll fit)
  4. Baby Bear Beanie – Y’all. How cute is this beanie?! It doesn’t get cold much here in Louisiana, but when it does, I like to cover up those little ears.



5. World of Peter Rabbit Collection – Do you remember Peter Rabbit!? They were my favorite growing up, so I was so excited when I found this full collection of the books. And it comes in a sweet little box.
6. Little Blue Truck Christmas – Raise your hand if you own every Little Blue Truck book ever made. My girl loves them and we read all the holidays year round.
7. How I Became a Pirate – We got gifted this book as a hand me down from some family earlier this year, and it’s big girl’s favorite. It’s funny and witty and adventurous!
8. Jesus Storybook Bible – If you know me, you know what a giant fan of this book I am. the Bible in storybook format, with Jesus’ presence weaved through the entire thing, I swear I’ve learned things from it just reading it to my children.



Okay, now that we’ve run through my favorite gifts for the year, I want to give you something! I’ve teamed up with Cold Coffee Hot Mess to give you the chance to win some of our favorite things. (Giveaway ends November 16 at 11:59 PM)


Beautycounter Glow and Go Mini Oils / Well Watered Women Mug / Laura Taylor Wine Glasses /

Val Marie Paper Prayer Journal / Know Purpose T-shirt

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  • Gwen

    Awesome ideas! We do the same for Christmas for Claire: need, want, read, wear!

    Prayer journal is in my list for sure, but will buy for myself. Sad I missed the contest. I love Coffee and I’m a hot mess! Ha!

    November 25, 2017 at 2:43 pm Reply
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