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November 25, 2017

Small Business Saturday Love

Look, I love Old Navy and Target as much as the next person, and did some serious damage at both stores online yesterday. But there’s just nothing like buying local. Every time you shop small, an actual, real life person does a little happy dance, & I tell you that coming from experience 😉. When you buy local for gifts (or, you know, #treatyoself), you’re supporting the people around you that are hustling day in and day out, turning out beautiful products. Owning a small business is no joke, it’s a lot of long nights and the work never leaves your presence, but it’s so worth it. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to point people to some of my most favorite small businesses in the Louisiana area.

Take it away, Ern.

Just to be clear, there aren’t any affiliate links to be found here. I just genuinely love all of these businesses (even though you know even if there are affiliates, if I’m telling you about someone, I love them)

Southern Football Tees :: I mean, who doesn’t love to wear their Louisiana pride right there on their shirt? I’ve already grabbed a couple of their shirts as gifts for this year, and have plans to buy every single items from the Steel Magnolias line ASAP (y’all, a shirt that actually says “I slapped Ouiser Boudreaux”. If you know, you know.)

Laura Welch Taylor Art :: This girl is crazy talented (and crazy sweet), local as they come, and what I love is all the options in her shop. Ornaments, canvases, stockings, and some wine glasses I’ve been eyeing for a while.

Natalie Met Lewis :: Natalie is the creator and writer of the Wholeheartedly line, a devotional and journal for single girls. Her products are almmost as sweet and sincere as her heart. I can’t even count how many times I’ve told her I wish Wholeheartedly had been around when I was single.

The Deal :: Buy 3, get 1 free for Wholeheartedly Devoted. (Use code SBS2017)

Val Marie Paper :: Twin small business Saturday vendors! Val is Natalie’s twin sister, and she’s the creator of the incredible prayer journals that you’ve probably heard me talk about multiple times. She’s grown to have kids’ prayer journals, pregnancy prayer journals, & she even wrote a (stellar) book!

The Deal :: Val’s SBS deal is buy one prayer memoir, get one free!

Mimosa Handcrafted :: The dreamiest, most beautiful and sentimental jewelry there ever was comes from Mimosa. I have her mama and diffuser necklace, and have about a million other of her gorgeous pieces on my birthday / Christmas wish list this year.

Native Polish :: Who would have ever thought you could buy nail polish local? Their shades are seriously  stunning – and the best part? All of the polishes have deeply Cajun names (like Mini Ya Ya and Hotter Sauce).

The Deal :: 25% off the entire site AND a surprise bottle in every purchase. (Use code manimonday)

Red Stick Spice :: This. Place. Has. Everything. Teas, vinegars, rubs, and yes – spices. So much better than just throwing Tony’s on everything, Red Stick Spice will take all your money and make all your food 👌🏼

The Deal :: 15% off your entire order, online or in store! (Use code SmallBiz15)


Happy shopping, you beautiful people! Support the folks around you that are working their tails off to achieve their dreams, yeah?

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