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February 28, 2017

a Safer Beauty Roundup (+ a few extras)

There’s a definite surge on the inter webs of people trying to make healthier, safer choices for themselves, so this blog post is not a rarity right now. But as I’ve talked and posted on social media about the changes I’ve been making for myself and my family, I’ve gotten a steady influx of questions about what I use. So, what’s easier than typing it all up in a nice, neat blog post to direct people to?

A tiny bit of back story: I’ve been a middle-of-the-road, closet crunchy mom for a while now. I’ve only use natural products on Pacey from pretty much day one, we’re a big essential oils family, and use almost exclusively natural cleaning/washing products. But we also eat Pringles and donuts and drink soft drinks. Balance, ya heard? So when 2017 rolled around, the stars kind of alined between having friends that were using safer products and being pregnant and wanting to make better choices and being introduced to the Think Dirty app. (Warning: only download said app if you’re prepared to be really bummed out about the toxicity of the products you use every day). I realized I’ve been making all these great choices for everyone but…me. So I’ve spent the last 2 months making slow but steady changes in the products I use, and I wanted to use this platform to share them, in case you’re in the same boat of wanting to change but not knowing where to start!

Here are some of the links that I found (or was sent) along the way that helped convince me this is an important change:

Nifty Yet Terrifying Infographic
Huffington Post article – about how what comes in contact with our skin effects our health
Paula’s Choice article – about how the use of fragrances in cosmetics effects skin
Experience Life article – about hidden toxins in cleaning products


If you haven’t met, I’d like to introduce you to BeautyCounter. BeautyCounter, friends. Friends, BeautyCounter. I could wax poetic about BeautyCounter for an entire blog post, but instead I’m just going to tell you what I use, and link you to some places that can fully explain the company’s beautiful mission and heart. BeautyCounter’s mission is simply to get safer products in the hands of everyone. Because to be honest, federal regulations on product ingredients in America is just embarrassing. But you can read more about that on your own 🙂

As far as skin care, I personally use their: nourishing cream cleanser, nourishing cream exfoliator, nourishing rosewater mist, cleansing balm (praise hands for this stuff), rejuvenating serum, hydrating face oil, & nourishing day cream. I just use coconut oil to remove my makeup! I also use their balancing line, and have seen amazing results from it. If you’re interested in talking Beautycounter, just shoot me an email! Or you can shop here.

For makeup: BeautyCounter’s Tint Skin, mattifying powder, touchup skin concealer pen, Benefit Roller Lash (it’s rated as a 5 on Think Dirty, but only because of one ingredient that BeautyCounter also uses. Be sure to dig in when you research your products, and don’t just take them at face value!). I don’t wear a ton of makeup, so I’m sorry if I’m not more help in this area, haha.

BeautyCounter’s Mission
* If you’re interested in learning more about BeautyCounter, I’d be more than happy to tell you about my experience. But if you want to talk to a real expert, my consultant Kristen is the girl you’ll want to talk to –

Deodorant: Native Deodorant – paraben and aluminum free, woop!

Shampoo/Conditioner: Acure Organics (available at Target, thank goodness), I’ve been using their ultra-hydrating combo and loving it. I was really wary about making this switch because I’ve been a Paul Mitchell girl for years and was nervous my super thick hair would hate anything else. But my hair has reacted really well to this!

Body Wash: BeautyCounter’s Super Duper Kid’s Body Wash. Smells like heaven.

Dry Shampoo: Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak – because you know this mama has to have her dry shampoo (also available at Target)

Etc: I’m weaning myself off of my wonderful perfume collection and using more and more essential oils instead (so saaaad), and haven’t made the jump on toothpaste yet because I’m worried about the lack of fluoride’s effect on my teeth. I’ve also been using coconut oil to shave, and just placed an order for some Zoya nail polish! I’m still on the hunt for sunscreen, I’ll probably end up ordering BeautyCounter’s, but I would love some recommendations!


I feel fairly confident you’ve heard of Honest Company, so I won’t get to in depth here. I will tell you when I first had Pacey I totally turned my nose up at this stuff and thought it was way too fancy and expensive. And then I read like 2 articles about Johnson & Johnson, nearly had a stroke, and drove straight to Target to buy everything I could get my hands on. We use their body wash, shampoo, face & body lotion, and healing balm. Y’all, let me tell about this healing balm for just a second – because it’s liquid GOLD. My girl has super sensitive skin and is very prone to diaper rashes. This stuff will clear up a truly gnarly diaper rash over night. I am not exaggerating. We keep a tube in her changing table and in the diaper bag.

Another line we use on Pacey girl is California Baby – we use their bug spray and sunscreen (have you heard the horror stories about Honest’s sunscreen? Woof.)


Oh Dr. Bronner’s, how I love you. Castille soap is basically my bestie, because you can use it for Dishes? Yep. Laundry? Yes. Bathrooms? Mhmmm. Body Wash? Sure! Cleaning produce, washing the dog, washing your hands, scrubbing the floors – the uses are literally endless. A little goes a long way, it smells amazing, and it’s safe! Because can we talk about how terrifying cleaning products are? Wah. This stuff + essential oils is what I use for pretty much everything around the house. I’ll give you a few specifics ways I use Dr. Bronner’s (also available at Target. Sensing a theme?), but Google is a serious treasure trove on this stuff!

Cleaning spray: 1/2 cup vinegar, 2 tsp. castille soap, 2 cups warm water, 5-7 drops of an essential oil (I almost always use half thieves, and then vary between lemon, lavender, & tea tree for the other half). In a spray bottle – use on counter tops, bathtubs, showers, even the outer part of toilets.

Laundry detergent: 1 cup castille soap, 1 cup baking soda, 30ish drops of essential oil (lavender is my favorite) – I just saved an old detergent container and filled the rest with water.

Glass cleaner: 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup water, 3 drops peppermint essential oil – again just saved an old Windex container and mixed this up in it.

Phew. Okay. That was a lot of information, but I’m personally happy to have it all in one place. Please let me know if you have any questions or even suggestions!


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