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November 25, 2017

Small Business Saturday Love

Look, I love Old Navy and Target as much as the next person, and did some serious damage at both stores online yesterday. But there’s just nothing like buying local. Every time you shop small, an actual, real life person does a little happy dance, & I tell you that coming from experience 😉. When you buy local for gifts (or, you know, #treatyoself), you’re supporting the people around you that are hustling day in and day out, turning out beautiful products. Owning a small business is no joke, it’s a lot of long nights and the work never leaves your presence, but it’s so worth it. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to point people to some of my most favorite small businesses in the Louisiana area.

Take it away, Ern.

Just to be clear, there aren’t any affiliate links to be found here. I just genuinely love all of these businesses (even though you know even if there are affiliates, if I’m telling you about someone, I love them)

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October 2, 2017

a Real-Life Phone Detox


These dang smartphones, y’all. I love them. I love that we can easily FaceTime loved ones with the push of a button, that I can order something I need for the girls instantly (#amazonprimemom). But as I think we’re all very aware of, it comes with it’s share of negatives. We’re so connected that we miss the connections that are right in front of our faces. But I’m honestly not here to climb up on a soapbox – there’s enough of that on the web and it’s just not really my speed. You know what you struggle with, and I have faith in you that you know what needs to change. I’m here to welcome you into a detox that I personally am already embarking upon this week. The hope and heart behind it is to actually detox, in a way that opens me up to what the Lord is doing in my day to day life but doesn’t cut me off from technology completely (because…2017).

Give yourself a break from the non-stop media consumption that leaves you feel like your head is spinning. Take a second to pick and choose what’s worth consuming, opinions you actually care about. Be okay with missing out on something for a week (and maybe longer, that’d be cool, right?). Put down the phone and the laptop and create and be present. That’s the heart behind this detox.

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June 26, 2017

the Essential Five

The most popular two questions I get when talking to people about Beautycounter are “what do you think I need?” and “what’s your daily regimen?” I obviously have no problem talking about Beautycounter’s products and mission all day, but for the sake of effectiveness, I thought I’d write a two part blog answering these questions. I very well may have already answered all the people who even care, but hey – a little beauty blog never hurt anyone, right?

So here is my answer to the products I think (almost) everyone needs. The great thing about Beautycounter is that there are so. many. options. There is literally something for every skin type, every skin concern, etc. I keep surprising myself by how much I love learning about what works best for every need to better help people use safe products to better their skin (I feel like your local Avon lady 😂). But these are the five products I swear by, that in my opinion would be good for anyone and everyone.

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February 28, 2017

a Safer Beauty Roundup (+ a few extras)

There’s a definite surge on the inter webs of people trying to make healthier, safer choices for themselves, so this blog post is not a rarity right now. But as I’ve talked and posted on social media about the changes I’ve been making for myself and my family, I’ve gotten a steady influx of questions about what I use. So, what’s easier than typing it all up in a nice, neat blog post to direct people to?

A tiny bit of back story: I’ve been a middle-of-the-road, closet crunchy mom for a while now. I’ve only use natural products on Pacey from pretty much day one, we’re a big essential oils family, and use almost exclusively natural cleaning/washing products. But we also eat Pringles and donuts and drink soft drinks. Balance, ya heard? So when 2017 rolled around, the stars kind of alined between having friends that were using safer products and being pregnant and wanting to make better choices and being introduced to the Think Dirty app. (Warning: only download said app if you’re prepared to be really bummed out about the toxicity of the products you use every day). I realized I’ve been making all these great choices for everyone but…me. So I’ve spent the last 2 months making slow but steady changes in the products I use, and I wanted to use this platform to share them, in case you’re in the same boat of wanting to change but not knowing where to start!

Here are some of the links that I found (or was sent) along the way that helped convince me this is an important change:

Nifty Yet Terrifying Infographic
Huffington Post article – about how what comes in contact with our skin effects our health
Paula’s Choice article – about how the use of fragrances in cosmetics effects skin
Experience Life article – about hidden toxins in cleaning products

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January 18, 2016

Making Organization a Little Prettier


This isn’t going to be a long post. Mostly because I spent the weekend helping throw my wonderful church’s 10th birthday reunion celebration extravaganza, and I’m tired. But not to tired to share some free stuff! When 2016 rolled around, I decided to set a couple of goals. I refuse to refer to them as resolutions on principle, but let’s be real – that’s what they are. There’s a few, but one of them is to be more organized across the board. That means more detailed meal planning, a cleaning schedule that is actually doable, adding some spreadsheets to my bill paying, and a few more odds and ends.

As I headed into the year raring to go, I had the thought “You know what would make this more attainable? Pretty printables.” So I carved out some time from my normal schedule and created these five organization printables. It only took 18 days for it to occur to me to share them with you! I hope these help you keep this crazy life in order, and add a splash of pretty to your days.