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the Great Capsule Project

In the Great Capsule Project on
September 15, 2017

the Great Capsule Project: the Haul

I mean, FINALLY, right?! I know, this is the one everyone’s really been waiting for, but I didn’t want to do this process a disservice and not share how to get here. To the fun part. The shopping. If you haven’t read part one (the why + a purge) and part two (week one + building it out), you may want to do that first – but you do you. A couple of notes before we jump into my personal capsule.

– I’m a work at home mom, so keep that in mind as you look through this. The most dressed up I get is for a date night or the occasional wedding. Comfort is definitely important, but learning how to be well-dressed in the process has been really fun. Also, I live in south Louisiana. The land where 80° is officially “cool weather”. So you’re not going to see any parkas or even thick sweaters here.

– I don’t wear a ton of color. Never have, most likely never will. I once wore a teal colored shirt to a girls night and all of my friends were straight up confused. So, this particular capsule may not be for you if you have an aversion to:

  • H&M (I’m legit amazed by how much of their stuff I bought.)
  • Black
  • Stripes
  • Layering
  • Casual wear

– I’m going to come right out and say it: there are affiliate links all up in this post. If you’re not hip to blogger lingo (do people still say “hip”?) that means if you click through from this post and buy something I’ve suggested, I get a tiny little commission from it. Everybody wins!

Alright, without further ado, I give you my own personally curated fall/winter capsule wardrobe.

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In the Great Capsule Project on
September 11, 2017

the Great Capsule Project: Week One + Building It Out

If you’re new to this whole capsule thing, jump over to post one in this series, then come back and catch up.

I have to make a little bit of a confession. I jumped the gun on this whole capsule thing. I purged my closet, got rid of an unbelievable amount of clothes (Two contractor bags. I need to repent.), and was left with about 11 shirts and two pairs of jeans that really don’t fit (one of which having a lovely crotch hole). This was taking the whole capsule wardrobe thing to a whole new level. My list was made, and I knew I had a haul from H&M coming in the next few days, the other half of the needed items was in my Nordstrom Rack cart. But still, not a lot to work with for week one. But honestly? It was totally fine. Let me share my week one takeaway, and then we’ll get to how exactly I built my capsule. (Want to know exactly what’s in my capsule? That’s coming Wednesday! Stay tuned!)


  • It was so much easier to get dressed. I cannot emphasize this enough. This was my biggest hope for the capsule, and man, did it come through. Not having to wade through clothes that don’t fit me and that I just plain don’t like took 99% of the stress of getting dressed out. There were approximately 0 clothing based meltdowns this week (victoryyyyy).
  • In the same vein – I got dressed way more often. The technical rules of the capsule wardrobe are that you aren’t supposed to wear your workout clothes (which don’t have to be purged) except to actually…work out. But let’s be real, I’m a work at home mom. If I don’t have plans to leave the house that day, I’m not getting dressed. That’s just a waste. But I am going to do my best to hold myself to getting dressed if we’re getting out of the house that day. And just so we’re clear: in this corner of the internet – leggings are pants.
  • I took significantly better care of my clothes. Since we’re all about honesty around these parts, let me be the first to admit that I take terrible care of my clothing. Most of my wardrobe is typically in random piles around our bedroom, draped on my desk chair, or in baskets. It’s not pretty. But this week, there was a definite shift in that habit. If a shirt wasn’t deemed “dirty” (Which didn’t happen often. Kids.), I actually put it back on the hanger. I guess knowing you have limited options forces you to not lose them to the laundry monster. I’m calling that a win. (PS Just realized how much less laundry this is going to mean for me. Holy crap. If I wasn’t already sold, I am now.)

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In the Great Capsule Project on
September 5, 2017

the Great Capsule Project: the Why & a Purge

Isn’t the Purge the name of some terrible horror movie? I wouldn’t really know, being that I’m a complete scardy cat – but it’s ringing a bell. Oh well, I’m going to leave it because it’s the most appropriate title for what happens when a person removes every article of clothing from their closet and forces themselves to be brutally honest. If you have no idea what a capsule, or capsule wardrobe, is – allow me to attempt to simplify. The concept is pairing down your clothing options to a minimal, seasonally appropriate, mix-and-match system. Pinterest is over run with images of peoples’ capsules and articles of how to build one. So why am I throwing my hat in the ring? Because this is my blog and I can do as I like with it.

But really, because I think this concept is so needed today. I originally came upon this idea of a capsule wardrobe on the Un-Fancy blog, and from what I can gather, she’s kind of the mother of the idea. Her heart behind starting a capsule was that she had a bit of a shopping problem, in that she tended to heal bad moods with shopping. This is not my issue. My issue is that if something even remotely fun shows up on the calendar, I need a new outfit for it. Date night? Time to go shopping. Baby shower? Definitely need a new dress. Dinner with girlfriends? I at least need a new shirt. Now to be fair, I don’t exactly “get out” much, mother of two and a hard working husband problems, you know? But still, it’s a little ridiculous. And because I was constantly shopping on a whim and not out of necessity, I had a bunch of straight up crap in my closet. Whatever had fit my fancy at that exact moment in time, or even worse – whatever I could fit in that the one place I went had on the rack. That’s no way to stock your closet, let me tell you. I was tired of looking in my closet and having ill-fitting, trendy, not-really-me pieces looking back. Getting dressed after having two babies is hard enough, amiright?

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