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October 2017

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October 23, 2017

Warrior Mama

I hadn’t even pulled the three year old out of her bed before she started asking for things. A certain stuffed animal. Some juice. A banana. The barrage wouldn’t end until we put her to bed that night, and even then, it’d probably continue. She is kind and so funny, but as most three year olds are – needy. Obviously not as needy as the five month old, who has an affinity for being held and a staunch objection to sleep. They’re the light of my life and all I’ve ever wanted, but they drain me. I’m here to say that they drain me and they frustrate me and every once in a while they make me question my decision to become a mother (or have anymore children, if we’re being truly honest). Tonight, after my husband and I spent 10 minutes pulling out the couches in search of our eldest’s favorite figurine so that she could go to sleep, as I sat giving the youngest a bottle after an hour and a half of my boobs not cutting it, this term popped in my head. Holy work. I’ve heard it tossed around in bible studies and podcasts, but I’ve never really dug into it. And therefore, it’s probably never made the impact it really could, you know?

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In Misc on
October 2, 2017

a Real-Life Phone Detox


These dang smartphones, y’all. I love them. I love that we can easily FaceTime loved ones with the push of a button, that I can order something I need for the girls instantly (#amazonprimemom). But as I think we’re all very aware of, it comes with it’s share of negatives. We’re so connected that we miss the connections that are right in front of our faces. But I’m honestly not here to climb up on a soapbox – there’s enough of that on the web and it’s just not really my speed. You know what you struggle with, and I have faith in you that you know what needs to change. I’m here to welcome you into a detox that I personally am already embarking upon this week. The hope and heart behind it is to actually detox, in a way that opens me up to what the Lord is doing in my day to day life but doesn’t cut me off from technology completely (because…2017).

Give yourself a break from the non-stop media consumption that leaves you feel like your head is spinning. Take a second to pick and choose what’s worth consuming, opinions you actually care about. Be okay with missing out on something for a week (and maybe longer, that’d be cool, right?). Put down the phone and the laptop and create and be present. That’s the heart behind this detox.

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