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June 26, 2017

the Essential Five

The most popular two questions I get when talking to people about Beautycounter are “what do you think I need?” and “what’s your daily regimen?” I obviously have no problem talking about Beautycounter’s products and mission all day, but for the sake of effectiveness, I thought I’d write a two part blog answering these questions. I very well may have already answered all the people who even care, but hey – a little beauty blog never hurt anyone, right?

So here is my answer to the products I think (almost) everyone needs. The great thing about Beautycounter is that there are so. many. options. There is literally something for every skin type, every skin concern, etc. I keep surprising myself by how much I love learning about what works best for every need to better help people use safe products to better their skin (I feel like your local Avon lady 😂). But these are the five products I swear by, that in my opinion would be good for anyone and everyone.

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